October 2017

Father jailed for raping daughter

A father has been sentenced to a total of 78 years for repeatedly raping his daughter. 

Colin Potter, 48 of Ty Rhiw, Taffs Well, Cardiff appeared at Newport Crown Court where he was sentenced on 25 charges which included: 

  • Five charges of child rape

  • Two charges of attempted anal rape against a child

  • Eight counts of indecent assault against a child

  • Several charges of child cruelty

The court was told that physical abuse began when the victim was a baby, which involved in the child being held against a fireplace which resulted in third degree burns.

Social services took the victim into care, but she was unbelievably handed back to her parents when she reached eight years old.

Physical abuse of the child resumed shortly after.

The sexual abuse began in 1998 when the girl was aged 12-years-old, and the repeated sexual attacks continued for a decade, finally ending in 2010 when the girl was 22.

Violence was used to silence the victim.

Potter showed no remorse for his actions throughout the trial.

The judge read out each charge and sentenced Potter accordingly, which resulted in a total of 78 years. 

However due to concurrent sentencing Potter was told that he must serve at least 11 years in prison before he can apply for parole.

Potter will be required to register as a sex offender for life.

He was also banned from working with children indefinitely and given a Sexual Offences Prevention order, prohibiting him from having unsupervised contact with any child aged under 18

In a statement to our database, brave and courageous Katie described the abuse she had suffered.

She told us: ” I had to fight for this for three years to get it to court. My mother, sisters and aunties have turned against me for speaking out. It has been a hard and long road and I’m glad to finally have some justice for the years of abuse which was mental, physical and sexual that he had put me through. He really did have ultimate control over me in every way to silence me and to manipulate others”

She continued: ” I have had my tyres on my car slashed since speaking out, but I now hope that I can move on with my life. It has affected me a great deal, and as I look back now on my childhood, I feel that it was cruelly taken away from me. “

The court heard that Potter had already served several prison sentences for the physical abuse of Katie.

Potter served one short prison sentence for the abuse of Katie when she was a baby.

Another sentence of 3 months was also given for an ABH charge against  Katie when she was in her twenties.