May 2014

Porthcawl man (30) jailed for ‘grooming’ two 15-year-olds

A pervert who had repeatedly breached a court order banning him from having contact with children under 16, has been jailed for 20 months at Cardiff Crown Court.

Christopher Davies, 30, was said to have taken a boy and a girl, both aged 15, to his home in Lake View Close, Porthcawl, where he “groomed them”.

Judge Huw Davies QC said: “A man of 30 does not strike up friendships with 15-year-olds and invite them to his flat for an innocent reason. He was grooming them.”

Davies pleaded guilty to two charges of breaching a sexual offences prevention order.

It was made in January 2011 when he was sentenced to three years and four months for 17 offences – including rape, committing a serious sexual offence, indecent assault and committing acts of gross indecency involving boys and girls.

Davies committed a catalogue of vile sex offences against children, aged six to ten, when he was himself under 13, but the crimes did not come to light until years later.

Prosecutor David Pinnell said the order banned him from having custody, care or contact with any child under 16 unless supervised by social services.

In the current case, said Mr Pinnell, the boy’s mother was told he had met a “new friend” in Porthcawl public library.

She was unaware of Davies’ background. Sometime after, continued Mr Pinnell, the boy ran away from home.

The police made enquiries and interviewed the boy, who confirmed that he had been to Davies’ flat with a girl on six occasions, when they had played computer games and sometimes had shared a cannabis joint.

The boy, said Mr Pinnell, was always accompanied by the girl, and never alone.

Davies denied to the police supplying them with cannabis and claimed the children had brought the drug along themselves.

He also said there was no ulterior motive in associating with them.

At this point, the Judge said: “The use of cannabis was a sinister element, and he was in the early stages of a grooming process.”

Davies’ solicitor, Rhodri Chudleigh, said: “He acknowledges it has to be immediate custody.”

The Judge said that Davies had struck up friendships in “stark contravention” of the sexual offences prevention order. And, he said, what occurred horrified the parents of the children. Said the Judge: “You are in denial still of the circumstances of the offences.”

He was disqualified from working with children for life, and the original order is to last indefinitely.