September 2017

Young girls were encouraged to perform obscene and degrading sex acts on webcam

A Llanelli man who incited vulnerable young girls to perform obscene and degrading sex acts on a web cam – and secretly recorded the results – has been jailed.

When police raided 22-year-old Joseph Williams-Lemon’s house they found he had 278 indecent images and videos on his computer.

And they had uncovered a large number “chat logs” from the Skype online video platform which showed details of conversations where he encouraged girls to perform humiliating sex acts on themselves.

Brian Simpson, prosecuting, told Swansea Crown Court that police had been able to identify two of the girls he contacted – the other victims remain unknown at this stage.

The court heard that one of the identified girls was a vulnerable 13-year-old – he got her to perform degrading sex acts on herself, and called her is “slave”.

The girl asked Williams-Lemon for reassurance he was not recorded what was happening, saying she would drink bleach if it the material “ever got out”. He told her he was not recording their sessions – in fact he had installed software on his computer which secretly allowed him to do just that.

He also got his victims to send intimate photographs of themselves to him.

Williams-Lemon, of New Dock Road, Llanelli, had previously pleaded guilty to a string of charges of inciting a child to perform sex acts between January and September 2015 when he appeared in court for sentencing.

Judge Paul Thomas QC told Williams-Lemon he had groomed his victims, and that there were elements to what he had done that were “sadistic”.

The defendant was sentenced to three years in prison – half of which he will serve in custody – and will be on the sex offenders register for the rest of this life.