October 2017

Sick pervert performed sex acts in front of schoolgirls

A former soldier caught performing sex acts in his car while staring at schoolgirls claimed he was naked from the waist down because he had “accidentally defecated” and was “cleaning” himself.

Jonathan Tomlinson, 45, “deliberately targeted” three girls in two East Riding villages on December 6 last year, even turning on the interior light so they could see him, Hull Crown Court heard.

He was parked near a school when his first victim, who was aged just nine, walked past on her way home, and saw he was, in her words, “faffing with his w***y”, prosecutor Stephen Robinson said.

“The defendant was staring at her while he was doing this. [She] walked past the car and the car then drove away,” Mr Robinson said. The girl reported the incident to her father.

Tomlinson’s next port of call was a bus stop in another village, where he targeted two 12-year-olds after they got off a school bus and went their separate ways home.

Mr Robinson said the first girl “walked past a car parked near the newsagent’s. As she did so the driver, the defendant, turned on the interior light of the car, perhaps indicating he wished to be noticed. She did approach the vehicle and saw the defendant was naked from the waist down”.

She also saw Tomlinson looking at her while performing a sex act.

Tomlinson “sped off”, but the girl managed to type part of the car’s registration into her mobile phone, which led to him being traced later that day. The girl rang her mother and sounded “upset”, but assured her she was “fine” and stayed on the phone until she got home.

Tomlinson pulled up ahead of the third victim in another street, and did the same act again before driving off towards a shop. She also called her mother and stayed on the phone until she got home.

When Tomlinson was spoken to by police on the day of the offences, he claimed to have gone straight home after leaving work in Gilberdyke at 3pm. He said he had stayed there until going out for a takeaway and to meet his wife at 6pm. He denied ever going to the second village.

He was interviewed again after being arrested on December 9, and said he had lied on the first occasion “out of embarrassment as he accidentally defecated in his underwear” while driving to a shop.

He said “rather than go home he had stopped down a residential street, removed his trousers and boxer shorts and cleaned himself while sat in the driver’s seat”.

Tomlinson initially denied stopping in the first village, but later admitted stopping in his car to perform a sex act, knowing he was near a school. He changed his account again in a third interview, could not explain being picked out by one of his victims in an identification procedure, and maintained his denials.

Tomlinson, formerly of Fairfield, North Cave, admitted three offences of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child.

Jailing Tomlinson for 16 months, Judge Mark Bury called his behaviour “quite appalling”, and his explanation for being partially naked “totally ridiculous”.

Tomlinson must register as a sex offender for ten years.

September 2017

Man performed sex act on himself in front of children

A man has admitted performing a sex act on himself in the presence of children.

Jonathan Tomlinson, 45, pleaded guilty to three offences of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child when he appeared at Hull Crown Court.

The offences relate to three separate victims and all took place on the same day last December.

Stephen Robinson, prosecuting, said the pleas were acceptable to the Crown, and it would be requested that a further charge would be left to lie on the court file. No further details of the offences were given during the brief hearing.

Tomlinson, of Fairfield, North Cave, was released on bail and is due to appear at the same court for sentence on October 16.

The judge told him: “All options will be available to the court, including custody.”

Tomlinson was ordered to register as a sex offender on an interim basis until he is sentenced.