October 2017

Clifton grandad jailed for downloading child and animal porn

A grandad was jailed for eight months for downloading child and animal porn after typing “paedo” in an internet website.

Movies and still images were found after police raided the Clifton home of Terence Downs, 63, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

Thandi Lucky, prosecuting, told the court: “He typed ‘paedo’ he said to see what would happen.

“He was on a chat room where others engage in conversations of what they wished to do with children. He denied being sexually attracted to children. He said he was simply curious.”

Downs pleaded guilty to three counts of downloading indecent images of children and one of having examples of bestiality.

High Court Judge Finola O’Farrell put him on the Sex Offenders’ Register for 10 years and said: “There was the inclusion of moving images.

“It is more serious because it involved very young children. The youngest child was under two.

“The pre-sentence report says you are in denial of the extent of your sexual attraction to children.

“I accept in mitigation you do now recognise the seriousness of these offences, particularly as you are a man who has children and grandchildren.

“You have led a productive working life and your personal references indicate you are a kind, friendly and caring man,” the judge told Downs of Kinsale Walk, Clifton.

For two years, he must abide by the terms of a sexual harm prevention order. This bars him from having any contact with children aged under 18. He must make his computer available for police inspection and must not delete details of websites he has visited.

The judge pointed out that Downs had not been in trouble before. She said the offences came after medical problems prevented him “having sexual intercourse with his partner of 37 years.”

Jennifer Wells, mitigating, told the judge: “During the time the case has been adjourned, he has been able to consider how he would feel if the victims of these offences had been his grandchildren.

“This has caused him great distress because he now has some understanding of how devastating these offences can be.”

Miss Wells said Downs had retained the support of his wife and children. She urged the judge to suspend the sentence so Downs could attend one-to-one probation courses designed to curb his offending.

The court heard that several of the seized items were in Category A, the most depraved.

At the magistrates’ court, he pleaded guilty to downloading 12 category A indecent still and moving images of children on May 27; six category B images; 61 category C images; possessing 24 extreme images of bestiality.

September 2017

Clifton man faces jail over serious child abuse images offences

A 63-year-old man will face a crown court judge after admitting having shocking sexual images on a computer at his Clifton home.

Nottingham Crown Court heard Terence Downs had more than 100 stills and movies of an indecent nature, including serious sexual acts being committed on children.

Downs, of Kinsale Walk, Clifton, will be sentenced by a judge at the city’s crown court on October 6. He was granted unconditional bail.

Lee Shepherd, prosecuting, outlined the case after Downs pleaded guilty to four charges of downloading the material at his home.

Police visited his home on May 27 and found only two people present, Downs and his wife.

Mr Shepherd said: “They allowed a search of the property after a report that indecent images had been uploaded by the suspect. Officers took away a number of computer items, all for analysis.”

Mr Shepherd said that child abuse images users sustained the industry of producing the illegal images.

He added: “If people want to possess these items they are allowing the market of child abuse to continue.”

The court heard that Downs had never been in trouble before. The offences are in a range in which offenders can be jailed for between six months and three years.

Deputy district Judge Claire Evans, who could have sent him to prison for up to a year, sent the case to the crown court where the sentence can be longer.

She pointed out that some of the items were in Class A, the most serious level and told Downs: “This crosses the custody threshold and these are circumstances where the magistrates’ court should not deal with this.

“There are of children in movies and there are still images as well. My powers are insufficient.

“These matters in my judgment and in considering my guidelines should be committed to the crown court.”

Downs pleaded guilty to downloading 12 category A indecent still and moving images of children on May 27; six category B images; 61 category C images; possessing 24 extreme images of bestiality.