May 2019

Serial sex offender (74) jailed after theft from restaurant and shop

A notorious sex offender has been jailed for burgling a restaurant and a shop, claiming he was looking for the toilet when frightened staff confronted him.

Anthony Goodman (74), who has been banned from public transport as part of his sex offender order, snatched €150 from a restaurant worker’s purse in a staff room.

In the second case, he was disturbed by a staff member in a cosmetics shop, but left empty-handed.

The woman found her purse had been taken out of her bag, but nothing was stolen.

Goodman, who has 200 convictions in Ireland and the UK, including multiple sexual assaults and buggery of an animal, admitted burglary at the restaurant. He denied the shop offence, but Judge Flann Brennan found him guilty at Dublin District Court. He was jailed for three months.

The judge dismissed another charge that he had breached his public transport ban.

The court heard Goodman told gardai he arrived at one of the crime scenes on the Dart. However, the copy of his banning order had been sent to the wrong address.

The court heard the shop burglary happened at L’Occitane in Dundrum Town Centre on July 29, 2017.

An employee said she saw the staff room door open and thought it was her colleague, but it was Goodman.

She stopped him and asked if he was all right. He said he was looking for the bathroom and she tried to direct him.

“Before I could finish my sentence, he was out of the shop,” she said.

“He seemed so shocked that I had talked to him, it was like he wasn’t expecting it at all.”

The woman was shocked at what happened and checked her handbag. The purse had been removed and a mass card pulled out, but nothing was taken. The duty manager got CCTV footage for Gda Sinead Murphy and Sgt Pat McDonald that identified Goodman, who he knew.

When interviewed, Goodman admitted it was him and said he did not remember what he was doing, but he walked around out of “curiosity”.

“I didn’t have a thought in my mind to do anything wrong,” he said, then told gardai: “I went in there for unlawful purposes, I am trespassing but I didn’t take anything.”

He accepted that the woman shop worker “probably did” get a fright.

He insisted he had his own money that day, saying: “I never leave myself skint.”

The other burglary was at Toss restaurant on Main Street, Blackrock, on October 20, 2017.

Goodman entered a staff area and was disturbed and confronted by a female employee. He told her he was looking for the bathroom and left.

The victim checked her purse in the staff room and discovered €150 had been taken from it.

Gardai saw Goodman on CCTV in a distinctive black cap with a “flame effect” on it.

He was then seen at Blackrock Dart Station wearing the same cap and was arrested.

When he showed gardai his ID, there was a “substantial” amount of money in his wallet.

It was alleged he told gardai he had travelled to Blackrock from Dun Laoghaire on the Dart and he was charged with breaching the order banning him from public transport.

However, gardai conceded that the copy of the order was posted to an old address.

Goodman was in custody on remand when his latest cases came before the court.

July 2017

Sex offender breached court order by using public transport without notifying gardaí

A convicted sex offender with convictions for sacrilege and buggery of an animal breached a court order by using public transport without first informing gardaí.

Anthony Goodman (72) pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to breaking a court order which required him to inform gardaí before travelling on public transport.

In June 2012, an order was made at Cork Circuit Criminal Court that prohibited Goodman from attending certain locations in Cork, and from travelling on public transport – with the exception of one local bus route – unless he gave gardaí two hours’ notice of his intention to do so.

Judge Elma Sheahan backdated a sentence of two and a half years to September 2015, when he went into custody and suspended the final eight months.

Goodman admitted to not giving the gardai adequate notice before boarding a bus on Westmoreland Street, Dublin on 26 August 2015, and before boarding a bus to Enniskerry on 14 June 2015 from D’Olier Street, Dublin.

Gardaí were alerted to Goodman’s presence on the bus in August 2015 by a woman who made a complaint to gardaí and gave them a detailed description of Goodman.

On the second occasion a garda inspector saw Goodman board the bus and later confirmed that he had not alerted officers.

Goodman, of no fixed abode, was arrested in relation to these offences on 3 September 2015, and he has remained in custody since then.

Garda David Dutton said Goodman came off the sex offenders register a few days ago, on 29 June, after being on it for five years.

Garda Dutton said Mr Goodman has over 200 previous convictions, which date back to the 1980s, and involve incidents in both Ireland and the UK.

These offences include sexual assault, causing electricity to be diverted, buggery with an animal, and sacrilege.

Four previous convictions were also in relation to travelling on public transport without prior notification to gardaí.

Monika Leech, BL, prosecuting, said Garda Dutton raised concerns that Goodman would not live with his wife if released and Goodman indicated through his legal counsel that he would go into homeless accommodation.

Judge Sheahan said she was structuring her sentence so that the accused “will benefit from the suspended sentence as of today”.