Update: Mongan is due to be released January 2018

January 2015

Sexual predator jailed for attack on teenage girl

A vile sexual predator who subjected a 16-year-old girl to a terrifying attack has been jailed.

Gypsy traveller Patrick Mongan, 31 of ‘Heathery Wood’ camp site in Fife appeared at Glasgow Crown Court where he was sentenced for the attempted rape of a teenage girl

The attack took place in Kirkcaldy during 2013.

Mongan had been a work colleague of a relation of the victim and had visited their house.

The court heard that the victim woke up in her own bed to find Mongan molesting her. He had stripped her from the waist down.

Mongon had also taken his underwear off and was about to rape the girl, but stopped when another person who had been sleeping in the room screamed when they saw Mongon 

Throughout the court case, the family of the family of the victim received death threats in a bid to silence them from speaking out.

Mongon also tried to blackmail the family with money

Builder Mongan was sentenced to four years imprisonment and was told that he must register as a sex offender for life

Mongan was previously convicted in 2010 for a cowboy builder scam, where he fleeced over £10,000 from pensioners