Shipley man, 26, sexually abused two boys when he was himself a child

A 26-year-old man has been locked up for 18 months for sexually abusing two small boys in a den hidden in bushes when he was himself a child.

Gavin Falcus had shown no remorse in the 13 years since committing the offences, calling his victims liars and forcing them to give evidence in court, Judge Jonathan Rose said.

Falcus, of Laburnum Road, Shipley, was found guilty by a jury at Bradford Crown Court of a total of nine offences of indecent assault and gross indecency.

Prosecutor Caroline Wigin yesterday read statements from the victims, then aged six and seven.

One young man said he only realised the gravity of what Falcus had done as he grew older. It made him angry and paranoid and he began drinking heavily.

He suffered nightmares and flashbacks but they had lessened as the police investigation progressed.

The second victim said he lost his job while on antidepressants and had not worked much since.

Both men said the abuse had affected their personal relationships.

The first complainant told the police when he was 19. He said the abuse began as a game, in a den under a tree.

The second victim, who was approached by investigating officers, said Falcus would ask to play “the pants game.” He said it was their secret and not to tell anyone.

Gillian Batts, barrister for Falcus, said the offences happened over a relatively limited period.

Falcus was just 13 at the time and presented as someone with limited social skills.

He had committed no similar offences and was otherwise a man of good character.

Judge Rose said the little boys’ mothers had trusted Falcus to play outside with their sons, who had looked up to him.

“They had no idea what was going on but they did not like it,” he said.

Although Falcus was socially inept he knew what he was doing was gravely wrong.

“You took them to a secluded area and made them engage in disgusting sexual acts against their will,” Judge Rose said.

They had suffered for 13 years for what Falcus did to them.

“You have not once admitted that you have done anything wrong,” the judge said.

Falcus must sign on the sex offenders’ register for ten years.

Judge Rose made a Sexual Harm Prevention Order without limit of time.