July 2017

Dunmow Ernst and Young investor jailed for possessing indecent images of children

A senior management figure at one of the country’s top asset management companies has been jailed for possessing ‘appalling’ images of child abuse.

Roy Stockell, 59, from Dunmow, a wealth and asset management leader at Ernst and Young, was sentenced to eight months in jail for three counts of possessing indecent images and videos of young children.

Stockell possessed three devices which included 15 movies and over 200 indecent images of male and female children between the ages of six and 15-years-old.

Prosecutor Samantha Lowther, told the court that Stockell possessed seven category A movies – the most serious type – as well as six category B and two category C.

There were also 25 category A still images, as well as 58 category B and 129 category C.

The category A images were described as “appalling” by Judge John Seeley.

One image included penetrative activity with a female child believed to be aged between six to eight-years old.

Stockell set up an e-mail account under the name Englishman in New York 2000 and regularly chatted with other users on Skype who were involved in child pornography and child abuse.

Stockell had originally claimed that he did not get any sexual gratification from the movies or images and that his interest was merely due to the fact he was abused as a child himself.

Judge John Seeley said: “You gave a cock and bull story that having these images was not for your sexual gratification, it was because you had been abused yourself as a child by adult males.

“It was a particularly stupid lie because the images are predominantly of female children. Your council tells me you did lie.

“I suspect you accept that because your lie was so obvious.”

Mr Stockell had told his council that he was worried that his offence may affect his ability for future employment.

Judge Seeley said: “You should have thought about that at the time. It was your decision.

“You looked at images and what you were doing was deeply wrong, anyone would know that.

“This is a case which is extremely serious because there were children. You know what you were doing was deeply wrong.”

Stockell was given an eight month prison sentence for all three counts to run concurrently.

He was also charged £140 and will be subjected to ten years on a Sexual Offences Prevention Order.