August 2017

Man ordered to stay away from girl after admitting sexual assaults

A Hartlepool man has been banned from having contact with girls under 16 for five years after he sexually assaulted an under-age girl.

Ryan Foster, 23, groped her as she was sleeping, Teesside Crown Court was told.

He later intimidated her and she was unfairly called names by bullies.

Prosecutor Shaun Dodds said the victim pushed him away when he tried to give her a love bite.

Mr Dodds said: ”He asked her if he could play with her bra strap and she said ‘Leave me alone’. “She said that she wanted nothing to do with him”.

He pulled down his trousers and touched the girl before she was able to push him off and she started to scream.

Some time later, in the community, Foster shouted at her “Fat slag, I’m going to get away with this, you’re the one that deserves to die.”

The girl said in a Victim Impact statement read out in court: ”I’m really upset that he should intimidate me. “I knew the people at school would be taking about me. “I was angry because of what he did to me. I feel that people are talking about me all the time.

“They called me a slut. I don’t deserve this because I have done nothing wrong. I am angry at myself for letting him get to me. “I sometimes see him in my local area and he shouts at me.”

Foster, from Hartlepool, who had spent the equivalent of a 12-months jail sentence as a remand prisoner, was released with a suspended prison sentence.