May 2007

Pervert banned from driving taxis after he was unmasked as pervert

Child abuse images fiend Ian Judge was banned from driving taxis after he was unmasked as a pervert.

Council chiefs suspended his licence when they heard he had downloaded sexual images of children.

And they booted Judge off the road for good following a hearing held several months later.

The move was not revealed until Judge was sentenced at Paisley Sheriff Court earlier this week.

His defence lawyer said at the hearing: `My client was a taxi driver with Glasgow City Council.

`They informed him that the nature of the inquiry meant that his taxi drivers’ licence was suspended.

`After that hearing in November, his taxi driver licence was terminated.

‘The current situation is that he has moved to another area and is now attempting to rebuild his life.’ The lawyer added: ‘My client is plagued by feelings of guilt – to the extent he considered taking his own life.’ Police uncovered the vile stash during a raid on August 23, 2005 at Judge”s home in Wraes Avenue, Barrhead

He appeared in private on petition and was released under strict bail conditions.

But he had to move house three times after being hounded out by vigilante mobs.

He pleaded guilty in February earlier this year to owning material and taking, permitting to be taking or making indecent photographs or pseudo-photographs between January 16, 2004 to September 19, 2005.

Procurator fiscal, Sarah Healing, said at the time: ‘A paediatrician confirmed they were under 16-years-old.’ Sentence was deferred for reports. In the meantime, Judge was hounded out of Thornliebank by another mob.

When he appeared back at Paisley for sentencing on Tuesday, he was placed on the Sex Offenders” Register and on probation.

Sheriff James Spy said; ‘I will call for you in three months” time, which means I am keeping a close eye on you.

‘Any breach – and you will go to jail’.