July 2017

Youth worker jailed for downloading ‘extreme’ child abuse images and videos

A council has said it is ‘appalled’ by the ‘disgraceful’ crimes committed by one of its former youth workers after he was jailed for downloading ‘extreme’ child abuse images.

Stefan Cadek – who previously held a senior position in youth services at a local authority – downloaded 94,000 indecent images and 540 videos to his mobile phone before the police finally caught up with him.

Nearly a third of his huge stockpile were of the ‘most extreme kind’ depicting ‘serious child abuse’ involving the rape and sexual torture of children

Scotland Yard said his crimes were ‘made all the more disturbing’ by Cadek’s previous job as senior youth worker for Enfield Council.

His former employer has now spoken out against the 44-year-old after he was jailed for two years and two months on Monday.

An Enfield Council spokesperson said: ‘We are appalled that Stefan Cadek committed these disgraceful crimes and we are grateful to the police for securing his prosecution.

‘We take all allegations of child abuse extremely seriously and investigate immediately any allegations concerning child abuse.’

The council said they suspended Cadek immediately after his arrest and dismissed him for gross misconduct within the following month.

Back in March 2014, officers were first notified about a Twitter user uploading 98 indecent images online.

These images showed graphic images of child abuse and were traced back to an email address and a computer at an address in Southwark.

A number of computers, phones and devices were then seized by police from this address.

Cadek used to live at the address but had since moved on and was not around when officers searched the house.

When police arrested Cadek at work later that day, he was seen dropping an iPhone down a drain as he left the building.

Police managed to recover the phone and found the shocking scale of abuse stored inside.

He was later charged, but it took three years before he first appeared at Camberwell Magistrates’ Court in April, before moving to Inner London Crown Court for sentencing.