July 2017

Paedophile doctor paid six-figure salary for consultant job at Hospital despite conviction for child sex abuse images

A perverted doctor has been working in a hospital despite a conviction for having child sexual abuse pictures.

Dr Philip McAndrew is a consultant and has been allowed to work under eight conditions set by the General Medical Council.

These include being overseen by a supervisor but none of the rules appear to relate specifically to contact with kids.

A source said the married dad’s six-figure salary job at Barnsley Hospital and branded it a “disgrace”.

They added: “A lot of people don’t know about his past and they should be warned. Some of the staff are very unhappy about it.”

Radiologist McAndrew, 56, was working at the Victoria Hospital in Fife when his house was raided by police.

He admitted possessing the images, described by his own lawyer as “revolting”, when he appeared in court in 1998.

He changed his plea in a legal argument on the computer photos but was convicted.

McAndrew, fined £1,500 but not jailed, had to quit a job at an Irish hospital when his conviction emerged there.