July 2017

Sneyd Green pervert, 33, jailed after streaming video of toddler being abused

Pervert Darren Standeven has been jailed after he streamed a horrific video of a toddler being sexually abused and downloaded indecent images.

The 33-year-old was caught with 293 child abuse photographs after police raided his Sneyd Green home.

And analysis of the equipment also showed he sent messages to like-minded people where he stated his preference was for very young children aged in ‘single digits’.

Now the defendant, of Ralph Drive, Sneyd Green, has been locked up for 20 months after pleading guilty to making indecent images of children, possessing extreme pornography and three charges of distributing indecent images of children.

Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard officers executed a search warrant at the address last September and seized a number of electronic devices

Nigel Booth, prosecuting, said: “There are three charges in relation to making indecent images of children, all found on electronic devices owned by the defendant. There were 224 images at category A, the most serious, 54 at category B, and 15 at category C.

“There are also three charges in relation to distribution of indecent images. There were 11 at category A, two at category B and two at category C.

“The evidence displays that the defendant streamed a video showing the rape of a two-year-old boy.

“The defendant also distributed images by a messaging facility called Kik. Also recovered were messages where the defendant was asked how young he likes them to which he replied ‘single digits’.”

The court heard Standeven denied having any sexual interest in children.

Sentencing Standeven to 20 months in prison, Judge Paul Glenn told him: “You’re 33-years-old, you entered prompt guilty pleas and you have previous good character.

“A search warrant was conducted at your address and images were found on a hard drive and a computer.

“You used your phone to receive and distribute, and you used a video conference platform to view, stream and distribute indecent videos of children.

“I reject the suggestion you aren’t attracted to children. These are real children being irreparably damaged for the entertainment of people like yourself. Some were extremely young and vulnerable, and in obvious distress.”

Standeven was also made the subject of an indefinite sexual harm prevention order and has been barred from a range of activities involving children and vulnerable adults.