July 2017

Pensioner jailed after he raped a child and then aborted her unborn baby

A “sadistic” pensioner who raped a child aborted her baby with a coat hanger during a decade-long campaign of physical and sexual abuse.

“Depraved” Raymond Hodges was jailed for 25 years at Cardiff Crown Court on Thursday after he was convicted of a horrendous catalogue of sexual offences against his victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

While Hodges was found guilty following a trial of 20 child sex offences, including rape and using an instrument to procure abortion, he pleaded guilty to four counts.

The court heard Hodges, who now suffers with arthritis, began abusing his victim when she was just five years old with the abuse continuing until she reached the age of 14.

The defendant subjected her to the most depraved sexual acts, some of which he filmed, and used beatings and scaldings to exert his power and control over her.

He also carried out an abortion on his victim when she fell pregnant with his child at the age of 12.

The court heard the incident, during which another man is said to have held her down, left the victim with traumatic and disturbing visions.

As a result of the abuse the victim dropped out of education, began self-harming, and attempted to take her own life on a number of occasions.

In a statement to the court the woman said she had been robbed of a “warm and happy childhood” as a result of Hodges’ abuse and had “missed out on the smaller things”.

She said she still had emotional scars as a result of the ordeal she suffered and her life had been placed on hold for many years but she was now starting to “put the pieces of her life back together”.

Representing Hodges, of Monmouth Way, Barry, Claire Pickthall said she could offer limited mitigation for her client.

The judge said the abuse was “reinforced” by threats to his victim that he would attack her family.

“There was a long history of beatings, scaldings and burns done in order to subject her to your control and there was further evidence of sexual pleasure you took from domineering this poor child.”

Judge Harris-Jenkins said Hodges – who placed his head on the desk in front of him as he was jailed for 25 years – had “shown no remorse whatsoever”.