July 2017

Three men jailed for raping same teenage girl for years until she fell pregnant

Three men – two of whom are brothers – are behind bars after taking it in turns to rape a girl for three years until she fell pregnant.

The sick predators knew the girl’s family and subjected her to systematic abuse, between 1987 and 1990, when she was aged between 12 and 15 years old.

Noel Hutton, 65, of Newham Close, Northolt, knew the victim’s mother and took advantage of his position to sexually abuse the girl, along with his brother, Robert Hutton, 63, of Creighton Close, Hammersmith.

The siblings attacked the same victim as a third man, Alvin Muschette, 55, of Curzon Crescent, Brent, who also knew the family.

All three men – who were convicted of rape – were jailed on Friday (July 21) at Harrow Crown Court.

Harrow Crown Court heard the attacks took place over three years in different areas of Brent.

The crimes were reported to police in June 2015 and an immediate investigation was launched by specialist officers.

The victim eventually became pregnant as a result of the assaults and told her family what had happened.

She told officers her family had dismissed the allegations and concerned parties were told it was her boyfriend who had made her pregnant.

The victim went through an abortion while still in her early teens.

In June 2015, she found the courage to report the matter and attended a police station to speak to officers.

And as a result of the police investigation, all three men were charged with rape on October 31 2016.

They were convicted of rape, on Thursday July 13, after a 14-day trial.

Robert Hutton was jailed for five years, his brother, Noel, for seven years and Muschette was sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment.