July 2015

Bromsgrove man who burgled home and distributed child abuse images jailed

A Bromsgrove man who burgled the home of someone trying to help him has been given a custodial sentence.

Thomas Newell, of Burcot Lane, Bromsgrove, also pleaded guilty to distributing extreme child sexual abuse images at Worcester Crown Court.

Sentencing the 19-year-old to a two-and-a-half year sentence at a Young Offenders Institution, Judge Robert Juckes QC said Newell had mental problems despite having the support of his family.

He had distributed the indecent pornography with the intention to shock.

Newell had been helped in the past by Adrian Frost, but he repaid him by breaking into Mr Frost’s home in Peachfield Road, Malvern, stealing property worth £13,000.

This burglary had completely destroyed Mr Frost’s faith in human nature, said the judge.

He imposed two and a half years for the pornography offence and 18 months for the burglary. The sentences were concurrent and Newell would be on licence when he was released.

Newell was also ordered to register as a sex offender for an indefinite period.