April 2017: Cory Village (now 17) has now been released. He will serve the remainder of his sentence on licence in the community until 2018.

April 2016

Perverted teenager jailed for raping young girl

A teenager has been jailed after sexually abusing and raping a very young girl

At the hearing on 12th April, at Worcester Magistrates Court, Cory Village, 16 of Sycamore Road, Worcester pleaded guilty to the following charges:

  • Two counts of rape against a child aged under 13

  • Two counts of sexual assault against a child aged under 13

Village denied the offences to the police and at throughout the court process, which forced the victim to give evidence via video-link and put her and her family through more torment and anguish.

The court was told that Village repeatedly sexually abused and twice raped the six year-old girl over a 10 month period. 

The victim told her mother about the abuse, and she in turn contacted the police.

Village was described as a compulsive liar that showed no remorse, guilt or shame for the depraved acts he carried out on the young girl

During the abuse and rapes, Village demanded the child’s silence. He threatened her, and told her that he would be extremely angry with her if she told anyone.

It was stated that Village was calculated and systematic during the attacks and showed traits of sociopathic tendencies

The abuse has left the young victim traumatised and she has to endure ongoing counselling to help cope with the emotional effects of the attacks. 

The judge sentenced Village to a two year prison term of which he would serve at least 12 months

He was told that he must register as a sex offender once released from prison and was also made subject to a sexual harm prevention order until May 2021

He must not have any unsupervised contact or communication of any kind with any child aged under 16 years which is not lawful in the course of lawful daily life.