July 2017

Inmates beat up prisoner who shook baby so badly he was left brain damaged

An man jailed for severely shaking a baby boy leaving him with brain damage has been attacked in prison by fellow inmates 

Nigel Newton, 23, was set upon in the exercise yard of HMP Hull days amid shouts of ‘baby-killer’ and had to be taken to the Royal Hull Infirmary

He is said to have suffered a swollen eye and had a cut inside his mouth and was given an X-ray on his skull to monitor for cheekbone fractures.

Newton, originally from Withernsea, was transferred to HRI after the attack, before returning to the prison several hours later.

During his trial at Hull Crown Court, Newton for causing grievous bodily harm with intent he was described as ‘truly wicked’.

A family friend who chose to remain anonymous said: ‘Nigel said afterwards he had gone out in the yard because some sort of fire had broken out inside the prison.

‘That’s when a bloke came up to him saying ‘you f****** b******, you killed a baby’, and hit him straight in the face.

‘Then two other guys joined in and started hitting him. He is not a baby killer.’

On Tuesday, July 4, Newton was found guilty of ‘vigorously shaking’ the infant, who was less than a year old.

The baby was found in a ‘reduced state of consciousness, having a seizure, pale, with breaking difficulties’ with bleeding inside his skull and burst blood vessels in his eyes.

As well as having seizures which required treatment, the childs condition included “weakness” on the left side of his body, affecting the movement of his left arm and leg.

The baby also had a subdural collection of fluid in a cavity in his skull “that should not have any fluid in it”

Other injuries included bleeding inside his skull and burst blood vessels in his eyes.

Following the attack on Newton over the weekend, the female source close to the family believes it could have been prevented had prison guards been present in the yard.

‘We asked Nigel why the guards didn’t help and he said there weren’t any around.

‘They were all inside the prison dealing with the fire and the prisoners had all been left outside.

‘The family are disgusted he has been allowed to be attacked.’

Newton is currently awaiting sentencing and is due to appear at Hull Crown Court again on Friday.