July 2017

Sneyd Green pervert, 38, filmed up girls’ skirts before performing sex act on himself in alley

Pervert Kevin Harriman filmed up revellers’ skirts as they queued for taxis after a night out – before pleasuring himself in an alleyway.

The 38-year-old, of Langdale Crescent, Sneyd Green, was in Preston in the early hours when he was spotted by a shocked motorist.

Preston Magistrates’ Court heard the witness contacted the police at 4.40am on March 26 after seeing dad-of-two Harriman acting strangely before realising he was using his mobile phone to film up girls’ dresses.

Prosecutor Chrissie Hunt said: “The witness had driven into town to see his friend and parked up waiting to give him a lift. As he did he noticed a man in red jacket.

“He recognised the man as he had ran in front of his car moments earlier. He was concerned about what he was up to.

“He had his phone in his hand in a strange position. There was a girl in a short black dress nearby and he was described as walking in a weird way.”

The court heard Harriman was seen doing the same to another girl close to a nightclub and the witness realised he was trying to film them.

The defendant then walked into an alley where he performed a lewd act before following a group of girls to a taxi rank,

He then repeated the act in another alley.

Qualified electrician Harriman – who has previous conviction for exposure in 2007 – was arrested and later went on to plead guilty to outraging public decency. He said he had consumed cocaine and steroids.

He was sentenced to 80 hours unpaid work.

The district judge told him: “You’ve got to take a good hard look at yourself and what you’re doing.

“It seems you were deliberately and persistently trying to get some form of gratification.