July 2017

Child abuser avoids prison after inflicting almost 50 injuries on baby girl

A man has avoided a prison sentence after violently attacking an 18 month old baby girl

Dominic Latham, of Oldham appeared at Manchester Crown Court today where he was handed a suspended sentence for GBH against a child.

The court was told that Latham was in a relationship with the mother of the child, when the attack took place.

The mother went upstairs leaving Latham alone with the child for a short period.

During the next 10 minutes, Latham unleashed a savage attack on the defenceless baby, which included punches and biting.

The child suffered over 35 bruises in total covering her body including black eyes

One side of her head was swollen and a print of his knuckles was still visible on her head hours later

Other injuries included multiple adult bite marks to her face and hand 

Unbelievably the child made no noise during the attack, which lead police to believe that Latham had put his hand over mouth to stop her screaming for help

The child spent the next four days in hospital.

Multiple X-rays and head scans were given to determine any internal injuries.

Although the child has no long-lasting physical injuries, she was deeply affected by the assault, and continues to struggle to bond with family members and makes repeated attempts to bite or hit herself

The toddler now wakes up screaming and has trouble settling. She gets very anxious around any male that approaches her.

Latham was sentenced to a 16 month prison sentence which was suspended for 2 years.

He was also told that he must complete a rehabilitation course to stem his anger issues

A statement from the mother of the child, expressed her disgust at the sentence handed down. She said: “I thought today we would get justice. But my child has been failed by the legal system. I did everything in my power to make sure she gets her justice….. And justice wasn’t served.”

Latham denied the offences throughout the lead up to the trial but finally admitted his guilt after the trial was adjourned several times

He has shown absolutely no remorse for his actions

Latham and the mother of the child separated immediately after the attack