July 2017

ONE of Ireland’s most sadistic and cold-hearted killers is out

ONE of Ireland’s most sadistic and cold-hearted killers is pictured enjoying his first taste of freedom during an early pre-release programme from prison.

Soaking up the sun, the monster looked like he hadn’t a care in the world as he gets to work painting his mother’s fence.

To many walking by he was just a pumped-up handyman yet his identity would send chills down their spines knowing they were in such close proximity to one of the most callous killers the country has ever seen.

We can reveal it was his eyes that betrayed him. The hawk-like look that dominated press photographs at the time of his conviction 17 years ago also led to his identity being revealed in Warrenpoint, close to Newry last weekend.

The hulking brute is responsible for one of the most chilling and stomach-churning crimes the country has ever seen.

He brutally murdered pregnant 17-year-old Sylvia Fleming, hacking her body into pieces, stuffing her remains into bags and burying them in the foundations of a new-build home in Omagh.

Her body was not found until eight weeks after she disappeared from home.

Evil Scott and ex-army pal Paul Rigby carried her sliced-up body parts across town in backpacks to her final desolate resting place on a Tyrone building site.

The grisly pair pretended to be out running, but their grim cargo was part of a more gruesome mission – to dispose of Scott’s lover and the unborn child she was carrying at time of her blood-soaked murder.

At the time of the trial, that both captivated and repulsed in equal measure, Scott showed no remorse.

Described as “repugnant” by prosecuting lawyers, jurors were warned that details of his crime would leave them “disturbed and revulsed”.

It was revealed Scott admitted to police he had gagged and bound his former girlfriend to a bed before injecting her with insulin.

He claimed to have believed Sylvia had agreed to the bizarre ritual because she had not said “No”.

The teenage victim died of asphyxiation. Strapped to a bed with rope, she struggled for breath and lost her battle for to live.

Monster Scott hid her body in his loft overnight. The next day, he took her to the bathroom where her body was washed to remove any trace of him having had sex with her.

He then cut up his pregnant girlfriend and, together with accomplices Rigby and a 17-year-old schoolboy, buried her remains under a house being constructed in nearby Circular Road.

The muscle-bound monster became one of the most notorious prisoners in the penal system.

He was feared and mistrusted – even paramilitary godfather Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair was believed to be wary of the psychopath.

Years later, as his parole time neared, he wrote a letter to the still-grieving Fleming family expressing his alleged sorrow for murdering Sylvia, their unborn child and tearing their lives apart.

He also promised the family he would never enter Omagh, so they would never have to face his killer face again.

His letter and his empty apologies did nothing to ease the pain of the family of the young woman they still miss ever day.

The Sunday World can reveal that last week Scott broke his cover, stripping off in the sunshine to paint his loyal mother’s fence, helped by another young man.

When questioned about his identity he holed himself up inside his mother’s home before re-emerging having trimmed his bushy beard.

Still with the bulked up build he had when sentenced, and the bulldog tattoo on his left arm, he was hard not to recognise.

Within hours of Scott’s identity being revealed graffiti was painted outside his mother’s home

‘Stephen Scott Child Killer’ was sprayed over the fence he had just recently painted with care.

The killing caused so much outrage in Omagh that it sparked three nights of rioting, with relatives of the suspects being burnt out of their homes.

Sylvia was just 17 when her life was ended in April 1998. She had been training as a hairdresser and working at a local nursing home.

She had met Scott, then a 26-year-old part-time firefighter, through friends and had moved into his home. Scott loved to associate with impressionable teenagers, who were enthralled by his physique and macho boasting.

They would gather at his flat at Lisanelly Heights, where the thug, who was obsessed with serial killers such as Ted Bundy and Charles Manson, flaunted his love of violence.

Although she was scared by Scott, Sylvia initially went along with his sadistic desires because she wanted to feel loved. Within weeks she had tired of Scott’s controlling streak and moved in with a friend, only to learn she was pregnant.

Sylvia confronted Scott and the pair rowed, but days later went to her death when she called to his house.

The devastation Scott caused has been described by Sylvia’s big sister Josie.

“I did not like him at all, I knew that there was something about him. I knew he had control over her,” she has said.

“When the police told me they had found part of a body they thought was her, I remember thinking ‘part of a body? What the hell has happened to my sister?’,” she added. “We were devastated. We couldn’t believe what we were being told – I’ve lost my baby sister.”

Stephen Scott, now 40 years old, is due for full-time release in October. We are unsure of his release terms, although it is believed he will have to inform his probation officer if he wishes to enter into a relationship with a female

November 2000

Teenager’s killer is ‘evil’

A judge has described the murderer of a County Tyrone teenager as a “thoroughly evil man” as he sentenced him for dismembering her body.

Stephen Scott, who is already serving a life term for murdering the teenager two years ago, was sentenced to five years imprisonment at Belfast Crown Court for the dismemberment and disposal of the remains of Sylvia Fleming.

The remains of 17-year-old Ms Fleming were found buried under the foundations of a partially-built house, eight weeks after she disappeared in April 1998 in Omagh.

The teenager, a care worker, was pregnant at the time of her murder.

Mr Justice Kerr said a long time should pass before Scott, a former part time fireman, would be considered for release.

“The manner in which her body was disposed of after her murder is surely the most gruesome.

” I am satisfied that you, Scott, not only deliberately killed this young girl but that you planned that killing and carried it out in circumstances so squalid that they would revolt any right thinking person.

“I consider that the manner in which you carried out this killing and disposed of your victim’s body establishes beyond question that you are a thoroughly evil man.”

He said that Scott had used his malign influence to exert control over his two accomplices who helped to dispose of the remains.

A 17-year-old, who was a juvenile at the time of the offence and who cannot be named for legal reasons, was jailed for two and a half years to be followed by a similar period on probation.

A similar sentence was imposed on Paul Rigby, whose address was given as Johnston Park in Omagh, for his part in the burial of Ms Fleming’s remains.

He described Rigby, who led police to Miss Fleming’s remains, as a”thoroughly weak and ineffectual person” who had been ripe for Scott’s domination.

The teenager was “easy prey” for Scott’s insidious influence because of the absence of a father figure.

He said: “I have no doubt that either would not have got involved but for your control.”

The judge said that although the pair had been weak and vulnerable, it could not excuse their participation in this “ghastly crime.”

He told Rigby: “It is now accepted that you engineered your own arrest in order to disclose to police what you knew about the death and disappearance of Sylvia Fleming.

“This was directly instrumental in securing the arrest of the person responsible. Without your intervention it is possible that this matter would never have been solved.”

The judge recognised that the public might consider the sentences of Scott’s accomplices to be too lenient but he added that his duty extended beyond pure condemnation of the crimes.

“The sentence imposed does not detract from the enormity of the crime committed or the grief suffered by Sylvia’s family and friends.”