July 2017

Pervert had X-rated web chat while deputy head at Bromyard school

A DISGRACED deputy headteacher from Worcester attempted to incite a ‘cute’ boy he thought was 14 years old to carry out sex acts on webcam.

David Kemp, since retired as a deputy headteacher at Queen Elizabeth Humanities College in Bromyard, encouraged the boy to perform sex acts on himself during x-rated webcam chats.

The 58-year-old of Vauxhall Street, Rainbow Hill, Worcester had been made an MBE and has been a member of the choir at St Stephen’s Church in Barbourne, Worcester.

He admitted attempting to incite the boy who later revealed he was 16, not 14, to take part in sexual activity when he appeared at Worcester Crown Courton Friday to be sentenced.

Kemp, also an organist and director of music, only admitted the offence on the day of trial so that the boy arrived at court expecting to give evidence in a trial on June 7. Because of Kemp’s change of plea the witness did not have to give evidence which prosecutor Tariq Bin Shakoor said was a source of relief to him.

The offence took place in March 2013 and came to light when police seized the computer of the 16-year-old, now aged 20, when they were investigating him in relation to an alleged offence.

It was as a result of this they discovered the conversations between Kemp and the 16-year-old. He told Kemp he was 14.

Mr Shakoor said: “He replied that he didn’t mind because he was ‘cute’.”

Mr Shakoor said because the boy was not a child at the time it made it an ‘attempt’ rather than the ‘full offence’. Conversations than began on Skype between them with Kemp revealing personal details about himself, telling the youth he was a deputy head.

“He said he did music and worked with young boys and lads and went on to say it was hard to control himself when he saw 11-year-old students.”

Kemp said it was ‘fantasy’ under the influence of alcohol. During webcam chats he told the 16-year-old he liked ‘sucking toes’. The two would perform sex acts on themselves while looking at each other though they never actually met. Kemp expressed a wish to meet him several times.

The youth later confessed he was 16 and messages continued between them. Between March 15 and April 18, 2013 there were 1,589 messages exchanged though not all were of a sexual nature.

Kemp was arrested on May 26 last year and claimed he had no recollection of sending the messages but in a second interview on August 20 said he may well have been aroused under the influence of alcohol.

The only aggravating feature was deemed to be the disparity in age.

Richard Hull, defending, described it as an isolated incident and said a significant amount of time had elapsed since the offence.

He said there was no file wiping software, suggested no other offences had occurred in the intervening period and said Kemp was ‘struggling with his sexuality’, his inhibitions reduced by alcohol.