June 2017

Luton pervert jailed after meeting with fake 14-year-old

INTERNET groomer Mohammed Iqbal who drove 70 miles from his home in Luton expecting to meet a 14-year-old virgin for sex, has been jailed for three and a half years.

He was sentenced at Luton Crown Court on Friday, the same court where he was convicted after a trial last month.

Judge Nigel Lithman QC passed the sentence over a video link to Norwich prison, where he has been remanded since his conviction.

The jury had heard how last year Iqbal, 32, of Cavendish Road, Luton, using the profile name of Moonwalker007, began visiting a dating chatroom called ‘Waplog.’

On the evening of July 10 he began an online conversation with a person he believed to be a 14-year-old girl called Tia.

In fact, Tia was middle aged woman named Tracey Reid living in the North East of England who, the jury was told, was engaged in exposing adults who used the Internet to groom children for sex.

She had set up a fake profile under the name of Tia0014 which showed a photo of a young teenage girl she had permission to use.

Reid told the court she used the profile to flush out paedophiles.

The trial heard how Iqbal, began chatting online to the girl, and four days later he arranged to meet her the following evening.

In his last online conversation with her, he had spoken about them having sex when they met.

The jury heard Tracey Reid had chosen Farnham railway station as a convenient location for the meeting.

A man said he had the details of Iqbal’s car as well as his photograph and, on the evening of July 15 last year, spotted the vehicle in The Fairfield, a side road near Farnham Railway Station.

The court heard a man had a body camera strapped to his chest and, on reaching the defendant’s car, opened the passenger door and got in beside him and confronted him.

The man said Iqbal got out of the car and was clearly very angry, flailing him arms about.

He said after walking away from his vehicle, Iqbal returned to it and then got back in and drove away at speed.

The court was told the police had been called but didn’t get there in time to stop the defendant leaving the scene that night and he was eventually arrested last September.

In the witness box he said he had not set up the profile Moonwalker007 or used the dating app Waplog. He said someone must have obtained his details and his photo from his Facebook page to set up the profile and he said he had never contacted anyone using the profile name Tia0014.

He agreed he had driven to the spot in Farnham that evening because he had gone to meet someone who was selling tickets over the Gumtree site for matches between England and Pakistan.

Iqbal claimed he had bought seven tickets for £600 while parked up in the road, where Mr Brannigan confronted him shortly afterwards.