June 2017

Patrick O’Donnell, 73, of Main Street, Westow, jailed for sex assault on girl

A 73-YEAR-OLD man who sexually assaulted a young girl has been jailed for more than three years.

Patrick O’Donnell, of Main Street, Westow, appeared at York Crown Court for sentence on Thursday.

He had already pleaded guilty to the assault as well as possessing indecent images of children and extreme pornography.

O’Donnell, who the court heard is in poor health and has not worked since an industrial accident in the 1990s, now faces a prison sentence of 40 months and is likely to spend half of that time behind bars.

Prosecutor Jo Kidd told the court O’Donnell had groomed the child before the assault and then told her to keep it a secret.

At the same hearing, O’Donnell was sentenced for possession of more than 100 indecent images of children, including 11 at the most serious classification; and 133 extreme pornographic images

Admitting the offence had been very difficult for O’Donnell, and that guilty plea was an important mitigating factor in O’Donnell’s favour, Mr Palmer added.

Judge Stubbs gave O’Donnell a three-year prison sentence for the assault, with four months for the images of children to run concurrently with three months for the extreme pornographic images – making a total prison sentence of 40 months.

He also made O’Donnell subject to a sexual harm prevention order stopping him having contact with girls under 16 and forcing him to disclose internet browsing records.

A second sexual assault charge, which O’Donnell denied, was dropped.