June 2017

Paedophile former soldier jailed for sexually assaulting a three-year-old girl at her Solihull home

A FORMER soldier who sexually abused a three-year-old girl at her Solihull home and had a ‘disturbing’ list of website names has been branded a danger to children.

Keith Brady had pleaded guilty at Warwick Crown Court to two charges of sexually assaulting a child and two of possessing extreme pornography.

Brady (31) now of High Street, Norton Caines, near Cannock, also admitted possessing prohibited ammunition, 40 Radway Green 5.56mm bullets he had kept hold of from his time in the Army.

After ruling that he poses a danger to young children in the future, Judge Andrew Lockhart QC made him subject to what is known as an extended prison sentence.

Brady was jailed for seven years and two months, of which he will have to serve at least two-thirds, and will then only be freed before serving the whole term if the Parole Board considers it safe to do so.

He will remain on licence for the rest of that period – and for a further six years, during which time he can be recalled to prison if his behaviour gives any cause for concern.

Prosecutor Matthew Barnes said that last year a young girl told her grandmother that Brady had ‘played with (her private parts)’ and touched her bottom when she was younger.

Brady, who was living in Solihull at the time of the offences and knew the girl’s mother, had touched her intimately when he was at her home when she was aged around three.

But he told her the police were bad people, and not to tell her mother or grandmother what he had done or the police would come.

After the little girl’s revelation, her grandmother told her mother what she had been told, and the NSPCC were contacted.

The police were informed, and Brady was arrested, but denied sexually assaulting the girl, saying that such things made him feel sick.

But in what he called his ‘fishing book,’ it was found he had made a number of disturbing entries, including some website names and a list of sexual words, said Mr Barnes.

On his laptop, although there were no charges in relation to them, were two inaccessible indecent images of children, while on his phone was a picture he had taken of the girl holding a gun.

The police also found more than 500 images of extreme pornography showing acts of bestiality.

And in addition they discovered 40 rounds of ammunition the former soldier had kept from his time in the Army, added Mr Barnes.

Jailing Brady, and ordering him to register as a sex offender for life, Judge Lockhart told him: “You subjected her to the most appalling abuse, and in the background was the most sinister and worrying material.”

He commented that Brady had gained sexual satisfaction from ‘the most depraved images’ of women involved in sex acts with animals.

“Day after day these courts hear of material which is disturbing, but this is in a different category. You were in possession of 500-odd images of bestiality.

“You were also in possession of ammunition you plainly held on to after a shooting exercise when you were a soldier.

“Let us hope this child does not have life-long problems as a result of the actions by you. This case shows you can, and did, cause serious psychological harm.

“I am wholly satisfied you present a real and present danger to young children. This is a danger I can see no real end to. I therefore find you are a dangerous offender.”