August 2015

Man with more than 2,000 indecent images sentenced

A MAN was found in possession of more than 2,000 indecent images of children after police swooped on his Hereford flat, a court heard.

Computer equipment belonging to Jason Gallagher was examined by officers following a search of the 44-year-old’s home in Chilton Square, off Whittern Way, in Tupsley.

A total of 2,687 indecent images were found, along with 33 films. Officers also found an image of Gallagher naked with a 14-year-old girl superimposed onto him.

He admitted six charges of making indecent photos of a child during a hearing at Hereford Crown Court.

Paul Whitfield, prosecuting, said Gallagher had accessed some of the images as long ago as 2005.

“There was evidence of credit card payments, showing that some of the photos were paid for,” Mr Whitfield told the court.

“Some images had also been sent to the defendant.

“He seems to have steeped for many years in this activity.”

Judge Daniel Pearce-Higgins said Gallagher was, at the time, living in a “detached world”, although that didn’t excuse his actions.

The judge told him real people were involved in this abuse.

He sentenced him to a three-year community order with a supervision requirement.

Gallagher will also be placed on a community sex offenders programme.