June 2017: Now back in the Chester area

March 2013

Chester man Sheldon Ward jailed for nine years for rape

A RAPIST who left a young mother beaten and bruised after attacking her in her own home, has been locked up for nine years.

The mother-of-two was enjoying a girly night with a friend at her Blacon home when Sheldon Ward, 27, forced himself upon her when she was too drunk to stand up.

Despite being left covered in bruises following the attack on August 25 last year, the victim felt so frightened that she withdrew her initial police statement.

Appearing behind a screen, the victim  wept as she described how she repeatedly shouted ‘No’, but was too drunk to resist him after drinking four or five bottles of wine with her friend. 

She told the court that when she woke up in bed naked the following morning, she had no memory of what had taken place, apart from trying to push Ward, of Durham Road, Chester, off her while he held her down in a ‘bear-like grip’ and said he ‘loved her’. 

“To me rape was someone getting thrown in a bush and getting raped by a stranger. But I said no at least three times and he still carried on,” said the victim. 

“I have had time to think about it and I know it was rape. I do not know if he has done this before, but if I don’t stop him from doing it to someone else, it could be worse.” 

Describing her trauma after the attack, which happened while her children slept upstairs, she said: “All I wanted to do was drown or jump off a cliff because I still had to be a happy mummy but inside I was just drowning,” she said. 

After being moved to protective custody, she told police she wanted to continue with the allegation because it was ‘the right thing to do’. 

The trial culminated in Ward being sentenced to nine years in custody for the rape of a female over the age of 16 and one year for an affray charge that he had previously admitted, to run concurrently alongside the rape charge. 

He was also banned from ever working with children and ordered to sign the sex offenders register.