June 2017

Twisted Purley paedophile forced young girl to eat his faeces 

A twisted Purley paedophile forced a girl as young as five or six to taste food on his penis, calling it the “Postman Pat game”, and even forced her to eat his excrement in a decade-long campaign of sexual abuse.

David Hearn, 69, abused and humiliated the girl on dozens of occasions over a period of at least 10 years.

Hearn, of Gilliam Grove, would construct elaborate “games” to sexually abuse the young girl, including one he called “bleeding the pipe”, where he forced her to put her hand through a piece of apparatus he constructed, which included a length of wood with a hole in it, so she could masturbate his penis.

The sick “Postman Pat game” involved Hearn putting food on his penis and telling the young girl to taste it in an effort to get her to perform oral sex on him.

He was jailed for 13 years on Tuesday at Croydon Crown Court after a trial where he was found guilty of six counts of indecent assault and two counts of indecency with a child.

He would take his victim to different properties he owned or lived at in the Croydon area in order to carry out the abuse, the court heard, though the girl was not even safe in her own bed, Judge Elizabeth Smaller said, as Hearn would sneak into her room and sexually abuse her there.

Judge Smaller said she was satisfied that the victim was younger than seven when Hearn began abusing her shortly before 1993.

The most serious abuse would continue for a decade until the girl was about 15, but the court heard Hearn would continue to kiss her on the lips and “forcefully” grope her.

The girl tried to go to the police in 1997, but when Hearn heard officers wanted to interview her he threatened her mother to force her to not allow the girl to speak out.

She told the jury Hearn threatened to kill her if she ever told anyone about what happened.

In her sentencing remarks, Judge Smaller said: “The abuse happened so often she referred to it, and regarded it, as normal.”

The court heard the girl was “petrified” of Hearn, who would also perform disgusting acts in order to humiliate her and emphasise his control over her.

Judge Smaller said as well as the sexual abuse, such acts were used “deliberately as a means of exerting control and instilling fear”.

She described Hearn forcing the girl to eat his faeces as an “inexplicably despicable act”.

The victim, Judge Smaller said, had shown “fortitude and dignity” in being able to speak out, and was only able to do so thanks to the support of her friends and professional help.

“But she’s clearly damaged by what you have done to her”, Judge Smaller told him.

“She says you have permanently destroyed her life. She had struggled throughout the time that you have been at liberty with depression, anxiety and low self-esteem.

“She has questioned for years whether she could have done anything to stop what happened to her. Clearly it was never for her to stop, it was for you.”

Passing sentence, Judge Smaller said she had not seen a “shred of remorse” from Hearn for what he had subjected the girl to.

“While I have been speaking you have sat in the dock shaking your head,” she said.

Before the sentence was passed, Hearn’s defence barrister Duncan Cooke, said his client feared a long sentence might see him die inside prison.

He said: “He currently comes across as a man shattered by the conviction and he has the feeling that he would not survive a lengthy term of imprisonment. In effect, he believes he won’t come out the other side.”

Because the law on sexual offences changed in 2003, after the majority of the offences were committed, the maximum sentence that Hearn could be given was lower than it would have been under the newer laws.

But on release from prison he will be forced to sign onto the Sex Offender Register for the rest of his life.