January 2015

Bromsgrove man who touched himself in view of children and teens escapes jail

A BROMSGROVE man performed sex acts on himself in full view of a children’s park opposite his home, a court heard.

Peter Mahrenholz, of Stoney Hill Close, was convicted of three counts of performing acts of outraging public decency whilst in his living room, in view of the public, on September 27, October 11 and 28, last year.

The 61-year-old appeared at Redditch Magistrates’ Court today (Tuesday) after pleading guilty on December 30, 2015.

Prosecuting, Adrian Jones said in September a complaint was made by a woman who was in the park with her two children.

He added the woman claimed she saw Mahrenholz’s hand moving up and down near his groin area while his eyes were ‘fixated’ on the children.

Mr Jones said she gathered up her children and rushed home before her and her husband called the police.

The court heard Mahrenholz attended a voluntary interview at the police station and was due to return to be cautioned on October 13.

That caution was dismissed after he was reported again for an incident on October 11.

The court heard Mahrenholz was trying the same thing at the same address, again in full view of the park, when three 15-year-old girls saw him. This time he had no clothes on.

Mr Jones said Mahrenholz then walked up to the window continuing the indecent act before the girls collected their belongings and rushed home.

He added Mahrenholz was arrested on October 12 before being released on bail.

But, whilst on bail he committed a third similar offence, on October 28, involving an indecent act in view of three teenage girls.

Mr Jones said the girls, who were in the park, had said he was looking at them and they could see he was naked and what he was doing.

Mahrenholz was arrested again on October 30.

He added Mahrenholz had claimed it was his wife’s fault asking where the sex was and had added: “the truth of the matter is I have to get my kicks from somewhere”.

District Judge Johnson said when he originally looked at the matter, given the fact it involved children and one offence was committed while he was on bail, he had decided nothing but a custodial sentence would be appropriate.

But he had changed his mind after Mahrenholz pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity.

Mahrenholz was given a three year community order with three requirements.

The first being a three-year supervisionary requirement, the second to undertake a Community Sex Offender Group Programme and the third to complete 80 hours of unpaid work.

Judge Johnson also told Mahrenholz to pay a £60 victim surcharge.