June 2016

Man sentenced for serious sexual offences

Martin Vincent Cumiskey, 53 from Halifax was this afternoon found guilty of 20 charges comprising rape, attempted rape, indecent assault and indecency.

He was sentenced by His Honour Judge Hatton QC to a total of 22 custodial years, plus one year on licence.

After 11 years Mr Cumiskey will be eligible to apply for parole.

Whenever he is released there will be an additional year on license.

The maximum sentence he will serve, said the judge, is 22 years.

It took the jury little under two hours to reach their unanimous verdicts.

Cumiskey has at all times since arrest pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The case opened on 20th June, 2016.

Three adult women were the complainants. Each gave independent evidence in Court from behind screens.

His honour explained the screens were not to be interpreted as a slur on the defendent, but were to make it easier for witnesses to give evidence.

Throughout the trial Mr Cumiskey had the assistance of an intermediary, a special measure taken following the recommendations made in a pre-trial report to the Court from a consultant psychologist

Following the verdict his honour moved immediately to sentencing while the jury remained in the room. He was heard by all in the Court, including members of the public, in silence. “Only a significant and
substantial sentence can be possible,” he said.

The judge additionally issued restraining orders prohibiting contact by Mr Cumiskey with the three women complainants.

Afterwards the judge thanked the jury. Mr Cumiskey was taken immediately into custody.