June 2017

Cwmbran man had 132 indecent images of children on his mobile phone

A MAN has been jailed for 12 months after police found more than 130 indecent images of children – photos and videos – on his mobile phone

Maxwell Djan, 30, was arrested at work at a supermarket distribution depot, on April 10 this year, after police had earlier raided his home at The Courtlands, Greenmeadow, Cwmbran.

No indecent images were found on any of the computer equipment seized there, but on the mobile phone Djan had with him when he was arrested, police found 132 indecent images of children.

Eighty-seven of these were in the form of videos, and 52 of these fell into the most serious category A

There were 34 video deemed to be category B, and one in category C

Twenty-four of the 45 photographs were classed as category A, 17 were in Category B, and four in category C.

Prosecuting counsel Sarah Waters told Newport Crown Court that Djan admitted to police that he accessed an internet chat room group, people would send him links, and he would open them and the images would be there.

He had been adamant that he had never looked for such images, and had no interest in it, but was conscious that they had been downloaded and, added Ms Waters, “he had made no attempt to delete them or dissociate himself from the group.”

Djan pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to three charges of possession of indecent still images, three charges of possession of indecent moving images, and one charge each of possession of extreme pornography and possession of a prohibited image of a child.

Judge Jeremy Jenkins sentenced Djan to 12 months in prison on the category A image offences, with a range of shorter sentences for the other offences to run concurrently.