June 2017

Teenager jailed after victim gives birth weeks after turning 13-years-old

A teenager whose victim gave birth to his child just weeks after turning 13-years-old has been jailed for more than five years.

Pervert Declan Hempsey, 19, ignored the girl’s pleas for help when she realised she was pregnant – preferring to play on his Xbox instead, a court heard.

The youngster – who gave birth just a week after her 13th birthday – bravely faced her abuser in court and saying: ”He took my childhood and my innocence.”

Hempsey, of Southey, Sheffield, South Yorks, was sentenced to five years and four months in prison after pleading guilty to rape of a child under the age of 13.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Hempsey, then 18, had sex with the girl after both had drunk alcohol.

Michael Greenhalgh, prosecuting, said the victim concealed the pregnancy from her parents who only found out when she went into labour.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, came into court to face Hempsey and read an emotional victim impact statement.

She said: “Last year, Declan took something from me, something from me, something I cannot forgive him for.

“He took my childhood and my innocence. When I asked him for help many times and all he did was play Xbox and football with his mates.

“I found it hard to get my head around this when he couldn’t help me. I carried a heavy burden.

“In December, a life changing event occurred which ripped my family apart.

“At first I didn’t want to be a mum, I just wanted to be a normal girl again and the baby reminded me of Declan. But I have got over that now.”

Mr Greenhalgh prosecuting said: “Her parents didn’t know she was pregnant and she was taken to hospital where she gave birth.

“She was asked after the birth about the father and revealed it to be the defendant. DNA testing confirmed this was the case.”

Hempsey was arrested and admitted he had sex while intoxicated with the victim and told police he only found out about the pregnancy after the legal termination rate.

Addressing Hempsey, Judge Robert Bartfield said: “This is a tragedy for all involved.

“You knew she had been drinking and this was for your own enjoyment I’m afraid.

“She fell pregnant and you went about playing Xbox and football with friends. You cast her aside like some sort of rubbish – you didn’t want to know.

“All these months you left her to deal with this on her own. She couldn’t tell her parents and hid this from them.

“You failed and you are a coward.”

Hempsey was handed a Sexual Harm Prevention Order and will serve a year on licence after his release from prison.