June 2017

Mother speaks out about sex attacker

A mum has praised her ‘brave’ teenage daughter who came forward to bring a serial sex attacker to justice.

The 15-year-old was in her uniform when she was attacked getting off the 110 bus in Twickenham on March 7.

Muhammad Mohsan, 18, of Ash Grove in Hounslow, who was jailed for 16 months on Tuesday (June 6), having previously pleaded guilty to nine counts of sexual assault against five women aged 15 to 55.

The girl’s mother, from Twickenham, said: “She wanted me to come forward and speak out on her behalf to make sure that girls are aware of predators like him.

“My daughter has been so brave and been through hell but she just wants others to know they can come forward too.”

Mohsan attempted to make conversation with the girl and tried to get her off the bus twice before her stop.

He proceeded to follow his victim when she got off the bus before sexually assaulting her behind a bush.

“As a mother I am absolutely shocked and disgusted – you don’t ever think something like this would actually darken your doorstep,” the mum added.

Confessing the terrifying events to a family member, the girl’s parents called the police immediately and forensics and helicopters were on site that evening.

The victim’s mother added: “She doesn’t want to wear her uniform and I take her to and from school now because she is still so shaken up and continues to have nightmares.

“It has completely turned her life upside down and as a family we have to take each day as it comes but right now she is trying to concentrate and get through her GCSE exams.”

Mohsan was imprisoned at Isleworth Crown Court for nine counts of sexual assault on five different females aged 15 to 55 travelling on London buses in Brent, Westminster, Richmond and Hammersmith & Fulham.