June 2017

Welder with indecent images of children spared jail

A welder has been spared jail over 184 indecent images of children on his computer.

Zac Scrimshaw, 29, of Gopher Road, Newark, admitted he had the pictures and moving images on a Toshiba laptop he kept in his bedroom.

Police seized the computer during a search and found all the images could be accessed. Searches on the computer had been for “teens”, “boy”, “young”.

Software was installed on this computer and a second to forensically delete files from the user’s account.

Judge Timothy Spencer QC sentenced him at Nottingham Crown Court for three charges of making indecent photos of children.

He gave Scrimshaw nine months for having Category A images of children, classed as the most serious; seven months for the Category B images, and five months for having Category C.

The sentences were all concurrent – leaving Scrimshaw subject to nine months in prison, suspended for two years.

Judge Spencer also ensured children will be protected in the future – imposing a Sexual Harm Prevention Order on Scrimshaw, and he said his registration on the sex offenders’ register would be automatic.

Scrimshaw was given a taste of what custody would be like after the judge remanded him into a cell at the crown court for several hours as he considered his sentence on Thursday (June 7).

And when he returned he gave him a sharp warning: “These are children. They need protection. Let me quote something to you..’I realise they are suffering abuse. I realise this is ruining their lives’. Who am I quoting?”

Scrimshaw’s solemn reply from the dock was: “Me.”

The court heard the judge was quoting what the defendant had said to a probation officer about his offending.