June 2017

Pervert from Deeside jailed for sharing images of girl being molested

A man from Deeside who distributed a film of a teenage girl being sexual abused  has been jailed for a year.

Daniel Patrick Marshall, 24, was placed on the Sex Offender Register for 10 years.

Mold Crown Court heard how a number of people had previously been prosecuted for the abuse of the girl in the Staffordshire area.

What occurred had been filmed.

Judge Niclas Parry said it happened two years ago when a 15-year-old member of the travelling community, was sexually abused by a group of men.

She was probably raped, certainly orally, and “they watched and filmed her.”

Judge Parry said the images were then “distributed for fun” for the sexual gratification for others at her expense.

Marshall, a young man of good character, received the images but he not only viewed them but distributed them 24 times.

“These were images of a vulnerable victim, a victim who certainly did not want to be part of the images.”

Judge Parry said the reason young girls were sexually abused and filmed in that way was because there was a market for them.

If they were distributed, the abuse continued as did the effect on the victim.

The impact on the young girl went far beyond the immediate degradation and shame of the attacks, he said.

Judge Parry warned that the starting point for such offending was three years and the sentence could go up to five.

He said the mitigation was substantial.

The defendant was only 24, was aged 22 at the time, the period of offending was over two days and the number of images distributed were in the tens not 100s.

He was effectively passing on images within a group.

Judge Parry said that in view of the mitigation he would reduce the sentence to one of 12 months – but to be served immediately.

A 10-year sexual harm prevention order was made.

Marshall, of Chester Road, Pentre, Queensferry, admitted 30 offences including 24 of distributing indecent images.

He also admitted making by downloading images, possessing them, and possessing extreme images.

Prosecuting barrister Sarah Badrawy said the defendant was arrested following a police operation which investigated child sexual exploitation in North Wales.

Films of a girl aged 15 who had been sexually abused by a group of men in Staffordshire were found on the phone of one of the arrested men and investigations showed it had been sent to him by Marshall.

Arrested, Marshall admitted it was his phone and sending the film but said he believed the girl was aged between 16 and 18.

Asked how the film first appeared on his phone, he made no comment.