September 2016

Rapist found guilty after his 15-year-old victim left voicemail on friend’s mobile in which she pleaded ‘get off, you’re raping me’

A rapist has been brought to justice after his 15-year-old victim left a voicemail on her friend’s mobile phone during the horrifying attack.

Kyler Paterson, 21, raped the teenager after pouncing on her as she walked along Dysart Road in Kirkcaldy, Scotland on April 5, 2015.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard how the girl left a harrowing message on her friend’s phone in which she could be heard saying, ‘get off me, you’re raping me, stop it’.

The voicemail was played to jurors listening to evidence against Paterson, who denied sexually assaulting the teenager.

Following the attack the victim plucked up the courage to report the incident to police and detectives recovered the voicemail, which they were able to use to build a case against Paterson.

After three hours of deliberations on Friday, jurors convicted Paterson of rape following a four day trial.

The court heard how Paterson, of Kirkcaldy, Fife, pounced on the teenager as she was walking along a beauty spot in the town.

He then held her down before raping her.

But during the assault the girl managed to dial the first number in her mobile phone’s contact list.

The court heard the person who received the call didn’t answer and it went to voicemail – so the girl left a message.

She was heard saying: ‘Get off me, get off me. You’re raping me. You’re raping me. Stop it,’ before the message ended.

Despite the girl’s pleas, Paterson continued to sexually assault her. 

During proceedings, Paterson gave evidence in his own defence.

He told his defence solicitor advocate Iain Paterson he had ‘consensual sex’ with the girl.

When Mr Paterson asked his client how he felt now about having sex with the girl, the rapist replied: ‘It is the biggest regret of my life.’

Prosecution lawyer Ross Macfarlane asked Paterson about the girl’s requests for him to stop raping her.

Paterson claimed: ‘I can’t remember her saying it. I can’t remember asking her to stop.’

Despite Mr Macfarlane telling Paterson he had the opportunity to ‘tell the truth’ and ‘make things right,’ Paterson continued to deny rape.   

Paterson, who has previous convictions, shook violently in the dock as judge Lord Clark remanded him in custody.

He will be sentenced at the High Court in Paisley next month.

Lord Clark told him: ‘You have been convicted of a very serious crime and I must impose an appropriate sentence. You will be remanded in custody.’