May 2017

Pervert pleasured himself on bus in front of 14-year-old schoolboy

A serial sex offender followed a 14-year-old schoolboy onto a bus and pleasured himself while asking the child’s name.

Alan Healey, who has several similar offences on his record, bizarrely asked the schoolboy “can I have a wank here?” before dropping his trousers and exposing himself

The 48-year-old was jailed for 21 months at Liverpool Crown Court today after admitting engaging in sexual act in the presence of a child, and breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO).

Teresa Loftus, prosecuting, told the court the boy boarded the Arriva bus, wearing his school uniform, at a stop by TJ Hughes on London Road in the city centre, just before 8am on March 7.

She said: “As he did so the defendant followed him onto the bus. The boy ended up on the back row of four seats and the defendant followed him and sat on the same row in the opposite seat.

“There was nobody else on the bus at that time. The defendant then said to the boy ‘can I have a w*** here?’, but the boy said ‘no, go away’.

“The defendant pointed to some seats at the front of the bus and said ‘can I have a w*** there?’, the boy again replied no, ‘go away’.”

Ms Loftus said Healey, of no fixed address but formerly of the Edge Hill area, was then seen to drop his trousers around his ankles and begin masturbating inside his underwear.

She said: “The boy could clearly see him masturbating, and the defendant was asking him what his name was and the area he lived.

“The defendant was holding a mobile phone and pretending to talk on it, but the boy was close enough to see the screen was locked and there was no phone call being made.”

The court heard Healey stopped touching himself and walked off the bus at the top of Wavertree Road.

Ms Loftus said the boy later described the incident to a teacher at his school who reported it to police.

Healey was arrested after a forensic examination of the bus found a DNA match in the area the boy described.

Ms Loftus said the boy said he did not feel like the incident had affected him and indicated he did not wish to talk about it further.

The court heard Healey, who has convictions for exposure, gross indecency with a child and inciting a child to commit sexual activity, was ordered to have no contact with children by the SHPO, which was made by a court in 2006.

Judge Alan Conrad, QC, passing sentence, praised the boy as a “very responsible young man” who had not “overstated” the impact of the offence.

He ordered Healey to sign the sex offender’s register for a further 10 years.