May 2017

Child rapist jailed

An armed robber has been given a jail sentence of five years and nine months after he was found guilty of raping a child twice

Lee Humphreys, 23, was convicted on Wednesday of two counts of raping a child under 13 following a trial at Bristol Crown Court.

Humphreys, from Bristol, was already serving time for a string of armed robberies.

The conviction relates to a 12-year-old victim. The offences took place in 2011

Humphreys ‘refused to take any responsibility’ for the rape, meaning the victim had to face the added ordeal of a trial

Humphreys, previously of Dyers Close, was one of three men jailed in 2015 for his part in a series of violent robberies across Bristol.

He was jailed for five years and seven months for those offences after pleading guilty to the robberies and possessing a blade and offensive weapons, burglary and taking a vehicle.