May 2017

Twisted paedophile back in dock

A twisted paedophile embarked on a BANNED love affair with a man he met on a sex offender probation course.

Vile George Johnstone, of Troon, ended up in the dock at Ayr Sheriff Court last week for defiantly flaunting the rules of a rehabilitation scheme.

He narrowly avoided jail in 2014 for subjecting two young boys to wicked sexual abuse at an address in Ayr.

But instead of showing remorse and toeing the line during a taxpayer funded course, he blatantly broke the rules putting his own pleasure first.

He was taking part in the moving forward, making changes intervention programme.

He threw himself into a relationship with a man on the same course.

The 65-year-old was barred from socialising with anybody else taking part in the scheme.

The court heard how he entered into a relationship with the man behind the backs of course organisers. They managed to find out after it came to their attention.

Sheriff Desmond Leslie questioned whether the course was a “complete waste of time.”

But lawyer Gregor Forbes said the affair was with an adult male and was consensual – in contrast to Johnstone’s predatory abuse of under age boys in the past.

Charity fundraiser Johnstone, of Donald Crescent, Troon was revealed as a two faced predator by the Post in 2014.

He doubled as a Marie Cure Cancer Care ambassador hiding behind the facade of raising cash for a worthy charity.

But he indecently assaulted a 15-year-old boy inducing him to lie on a bed, watch porn and subjecting him to vile sexual ordeals on various occasions between 2004 and 2005.

The predator also sexually abused another boy, 13, after luring him into a bedroom and making him watch porn a number of times during the same period.

He received his punishment in 2014, which included taking part in the course.

At the time his neighbours in Troon had no idea of his crimes.

Last week Sheriff Leslie allowed Johnstone to continue taking part in the community payback order.

In 2014, his sentencing including being tagged, hit with a sexual offences prevention order and banned from unsupervised contact with children under 16 for five years.
He was also added to the sex offenders register

The restrictions ensure he is closely monitored by the authorities.

At the time Sheriff Leslie said he saw no merit in jailing him and said it would be a regressive step.

Instead Johnstone was ordered to stay inside his flat from 8pm to 7am for a year and forced to wear an ankle tag.