February 2005

Boy, 16, stalked girl as she was walking home

A teenager who raped a girl, as she walked home alone, has been locked up for 4 & 1 /2 years.

Daniel O’Donnell, 16, stalked his 16 year -old victim along a Birkenhead street before subjecting her to the terrifying ordeal.

Liverpool crown court heard O’Donnell struck at 2 am last August 18 as the girl was walking home after an evening out with friends.

Trevor Parry-Jones, prosecuting, said she was approached by O’Donnell, who had earlier spoken to her friends on their way out. He asked her for a cigarette.

The girl, who had drunk two bottles of alcopops, told him she did not have any and went on her way.

O’Donnell, of Princess Terrace, Prenton, began following and shouting to her.

Mr Parry-Jones said he asked her name and told her his nickname was Scouse. He asked where she was going.

O’Donnell then pulled her towards him, kissed her and, when she walked away again, followed.

O’Donnell grabbed her waist, but she pulled away. He then he pushed her against a post before asking for sex.

Mr Parry-Jones said: “She said: `No’, and he held her by the arms, pushed her into a bush and then on to the floor.

“She was terrified and physically hurt and tried to scream for help, but he put his hand over her mouth. ”

The court heard a couple living nearby in Hollybank Road, Birkenhead, heard the sex attack taking place and, believing the girl was being beaten up, got dressed and came out of their house.

O’Donnell made off with his victim’s bag. When the couple discovered the terrified girl, she was pleading for it to be returned and asking for her asthma inhaler.

The boy was arrested after one of the victim’s friends spotted him in the town centre.

Stuart Driver, defending, said O’Donnell had pleaded guilty to rape at the first opportunity.

Judge William George sentenced O’Donnell to 4 & 1 /2 years’ detention in a secure unit and ordered him to sign the sex offenders’ register for life.

He also banned him from working with children.

Judge George told O’Donnell: “This must have had a profound and traumatic effect on your victim. ‘