May 2017

Sickening smile of ‘predatory’ paedophile jailed for 18 years for abduction and rape of girl, 14

A Grimsby man has been branded a “rabid sexual predator” and jailed for 18 years after abducting and raping a 14-year-old girl.

Paedophile David Lay, 40, formerly of Rutland Street, admitted abducting the girl who had been wandering the streets of Grimsby in her pyjamas in the early hours of the morning.

As he was led away from the dock at Grimsby Crown Court he gave a sickening smile.

The court heard after picking her up from the streets of Grimsby’s East Marsh on May 11 last year, Lay later plied her with amphetamines and alcohol, paralysing her, before raping her at his home.

During the four-day abduction, he arranged for her to wear a wig, and use a different name, threatening the 14-year-old that if she spoke to anyone she could be arrested by police and taken into care.

He also arranged for her to have a tattoo “so no one would know who you are”.

Lay told her to give a different date of birth, if anyone asked her.

Lay, who was already subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order since 2009, having been convicted of sex with a girl underage, continued to ply her with drugs and alcohol.

She only escaped him after she arranged to meet her sister in a Cleethorpes park.

The sister saw the shocking state she was in and immediately took her to her foster parents’ home.

The foster parents, who along with her natural parents, had been searching frantically for her for four days since she went missing, contacted the police.

At Grimsby Crown Court, Judge Peter Kelson QC said the girl was vulnerable when she was walking the streets of Grimsby wearing pyjamas.

Addressing Lay, the judge said: “When you found her near your address you had the chance to get her back to the authorities to give her the care she needed. But you immediately saw your chance to take sexual advantage of her.”

He added: “I think you are a rabid, sexual predator.”

The judge said: “This is as serious an abduction, rape and breach or order that could possibly be.”

He added: “You present a substantial risk of serious harm to females, children and females under 16 years. You are a dangerous man. It is as clear as clear could be.”

The judge jailed Lay for 14 years for rape and added four years more because of the danger he posed.

He sentenced him to four years for abduction and three years for the breach of the sex prevention order, which will run concurrently with the 18-year sentence.

A further sexual harm prevention order was imposed banning him from contact with children under 16 years.

Prosecuting, Andrew Bailey said the girl’s parents had moved away from Grimsby, but their daughter did not want to go.

So she stayed with friends who became her foster parents.

On May 10, she left the home with her boyfriend and went walking around the East Marsh.

The girl became upset and went off on her own.

Mr Bailey said the foster parents thought she would walk around the block and then return home.

Lay was out at the same time with a girl and saw her in distress in her pyjamas. He invited her back to his address in Rutland Street.

Mr Bailey said the victim was worried that she might get arrested by police, so she went with Lay and the other girl.

The prosecutor said she was not aware of the effects of amphetamine which was being taken by others at the house. She started taking the drug and thinks she may have taken nine or 10.

Mr Bailey said from her account: “She was staring into space and lay paralysed in bed. She recalled Lay stroking her face when he was alone with her. He was in bed next to her.

“The next thing she realised was she was at the bottom of the stairs.”

She was only partially clothed. Mr Bailey said she was laughed at when she asked where her pyjama bottoms were.

She was told she had fallen down the stairs after drinking alcohol.

Mr Bailey said the victim was told she could ring a relative but she had to tell them she was in Nottingham.

The prosecutor said: “She was told that if she left (the house) she would be found and be taken to the authorities.”

Mr Bailey said she was given a black wig and told to use a fake date of birth.

The prosecutor said: “She repeatedly said she wanted to see her sister. But she was refused the ability to do that.”

On May 14, she arranged to meet her sister at a park in Cleethorpes.

She looked ill and scared with her eyes rolling in her head and told her sister she had taken drugs.

She was taken to the foster parents’ home and taken by ambulance to hospital.

Tests were later carried out.

Lay was arrested on June 9 and interviewed when he denied he knew the girl. He refused to take part in an identification process.

The court heard Lay had already been subject to a sexual harm prevention order for an offence of sex with a girl under 16 years.