June 2017

Paedophile Ivor Gifford, 92, jailed for grooming girls

A 92-year-old man has been given an 18-month prison sentence for grooming what he believed were 11 and 12 year old girls online.

Ivor Gifford, from Abertillery, Blaenau Gwent, was found guilty of sending explicit messages to fake profiles set up by a paedophile hunting group.

The group, known as ‘The Hunted One’, later confronted Gifford and passed chat logs and evidence to the police.

Judge Daniel Williams told Gifford he represented “a high risk” to children.

Newport Crown Court heard two profiles ‘Jessie’ and ‘Jodie’ were set up by the group, which Gifford then contacted via an internet chatroom

The jury heard he was ‘persistent’ in his attempts to send messages and comments of a sexual nature, despite repeatedly being told he was speaking to 11 and 12 year old girls.

Over 100 pages of chat logs were handed to Gwent Police by the group behind the sting, in which Gifford referred to sexual acts and sent images of himself naked.

He asked one profile to ‘dress sexy’ when they agreed to meet him.

But was later confronted by the paedophile hunting group at a train station in Llanhilleth, before being arrested.

The court heard Gifford was said to feel regret and embarrassment and was without any family support since being remanded in custody since December 2016.

Judge Williams said Gifford sent messages of an sexual explicit nature and asked ‘Jodie’ to send a nude photograph.

The court heard Gifford made a second attempt to groom what he believed to be an 11 year old girl, ‘Jessie’ and asked her for a “naughty photo”.

“When you travelled in a taxi to meet Jessie at Llanhilleth, you realised you’d been set up,” said Judge Williams.

“The truth is, despite your denials in interview and in evidence, you were on the internet looking for young girls and looking for young girls to engage in sexual activity.

“You’re 92 years of age, that age is reflected in your physical health, which is far form good, but you’re mentally well.”

Gifford was also made the subject of a sexual harm prevention order for 10 years and he will be prevented from working with children.

May 2017

Paedophile, 92, guilty of grooming girls

A 92-year-old man has been found guilty of using a chatroom to incite what he believed were 11 and 12-year-old girls to engage in sexual activity.

Ivor Gifford from Abertillery sent explicit messages to fake profiles set up by a group called The Hunted One, which claims to “hunt sexual predators”.

He claimed he believed everyone on the site was over 18, but a jury at Newport Crown Court found him guilty.

Sentencing will take place on 2 June.

The court heard two profiles ‘Jessie’ and ‘Jodie’ were contacted by Gifford.

He repeatedly sent messages and made comments which were of a sexual nature despite being told several times by those behind the profiles they were 11 and 12.

Owen Williams, prosecuting, said: “He was persistent in his attempts. In over 100 pages of messages, you will see that the vast majority refer to a sexual act.

“Mr Gifford graphically describes sexual acts. He sent images of himself naked.”

The court heard the chat logs described Mr Gifford asking if the person he was speaking to had reached puberty yet, and if she would “dress sexy” if they met.

Mr Williams continued: “He then went a stage further, having groomed online he made arrangements to meet her.

“Directing a child, who doesn’t know how to get from Cardiff to Abertillery, how to get a bus then a train.”

Two members of The Hunted One confronted Gifford at Llanhilleth train station, where he had arranged to meet his online contact.

The police were then called and Gifford was arrested.

He had denied inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity and a charge of online grooming but a jury deliberated for around an hour before finding him guilty.