May 2017

Derby man spared jail term despite having indecent images of children

A 57-year-old Derby man has been spared an immediate prison term despite indecent images of children being found on his computer.

Police swooped on the Normanton address of Neil Gough after information was received that his internet address had been linked to perverted movies.

Derby Crown Court was told how analysis of electronic items that were seized revealed that two of the films were the most serious, Category A, while six were category B and 12, Category C.

Gough was interviewed and told officers he had been having internet conversations with women in the Far East who had sent them to him and that he had been “revolted” by them and did not request them.

But Martin Hurst, prosecuting, told the hearing: “But that asks why did he still carry on communicating with the people that sent them to him and why did he keep going back to the Dropbox file where they were found?”

Gough, of St Swithin’s Close, was charged with three counts of making indecent images of children and pleaded guilty when he appeared at court.

Recorder Andrew Easteal, sentencing Gough to six months in prison, suspended for two years, said: “There is something you need to understand and that is that the people responsible for carrying out this type of (child) abuse include you.

“We are living in a time where there are children abused in order for people to look at it. Without that market, many of these children might not suffer in the way they do.

“Those people that go online, view and enjoy anything like that are directly responsible for what these children are suffering and what they are suffering is unimaginable. You are one of those that bears that responsibility.

“But Mr Hurst (prosecuting) has fairly conceded that the number of images involved in your case is very small. Because of that and because your (previous criminal) record shows no evidence of this type of offending before, I am not going to send you to prison.”

Mr Hurst, said officers “acting on information” carried out a warrant Gough’s address in July 2016.

He said devices were seized and the images were discovered.

Mr Hurst said: “In his interview he told officers how he was communicating with women in the Far East who had sent the images to him.

“He said he had not asked for them and that he was revolted by them. The descriptions of some of the images I don’t seek to read out in court but they are the sorts of descriptions that are revolting to read.”