June 2017

Cambridge pervert nicked after police overhear him telling pal to ‘chuck laptop’

A Cambridge man attempted to hide indecent images of children from police but the bungling pervert was overheard saying he was going to ‘get rid of the laptop’ – in the city police station.

Raj Gohil, 31, of Brimley Road, Cambridge, was jailed for two years, suspended for two years at Cambridge Crown Court after previously being found guilty of two counts of making indecent images.

The court heard how police found images on laptops and hard drives belonging to Gohil, of which some were category A (the most severe)

Gohil was in custody at Parkside Police Station for a separate offence, which was later dropped, when he was overheard telling someone on the phone to ‘get rid of the laptop’ before he was cut off from saying anything further.

Officers attended his home immediately and seized all of his computer equipment for examination.

In 2007, Gohil pleaded guilty and avoided prison for a similar offence

Gohil must also take part in the internet sex offenders programme for 60 days.

April 2017

Man guilty of having child sex abuse images on laptop he tried to hide from police – and he’s been caught before

A man has been convicted of downloading indecent images of children – for the second time.

Raj Gohil, 31, of Garden Walk, Cambridge denied two charges of downloading a total of 130 images onto his laptop and hard drive.

A jury at Cambridge Crown Court yesterday (April 24) heard that six of the images found by police are classified as category A, the most extreme kind of content.

Today, Gohil was unanimously found guilty on both charges, with the jury returning a verdict after only a few hours’ deliberation.

The jury was told that Gohil shared a property with other people who had access to his computer and his room. Jurors also heard the images could have ended up on his hard-drive as a result of website pop ups.

Summing up Gohil’s defence before the jury’s verdict, Judge Gareth Hawksworth said: “The defendant says many people had access to his room and that they must have been downloading the images. Or, perhaps, they were automatic downloads caused by pop-ups on the screen.

“Pop ups can appear on the screen, as it were, at random and they can have the effect of downloading them. If that were the case, the person using the computer at the time would not be making any indecent photos.”

Prosecuting, Benedict Peers told the court pop ups were “extremely unlikely” to have been responsible for the images, certainly not in the kind of volume that had been found. He also told the court that, in 2007, Gohil had pleaded guilty to a similar offence which, he said, meant he had a propensity to committing these sorts of crimes.

Gohil will be sentenced after May 22 following the completion of a probation report. He will be remanded in custody until then.