June 2017

Fishguard man jailed for child sex abuse

A 45-year-old man from Pembrokeshire has been been jailed for historical sex offences against a child.

Brian Buckle of Fishguard was convicted of child sex abuse in the 1990s, when his victim was aged between eight and 10-years-old.

Swansea Crown Court sentenced him to a combined 33 years in prison, to be served over a 15 year period.

He was found guilty of 16 counts of non-recent sexual abuse against a child.

May 2017

Perverts DNA matched from semen found on diary

A sex abuser from Fishguard is in jail today —after being trapped by DNA evidence on a diary.

Brian Richard Buckle, aged 45, assaulted a girl when she was aged between eight and ten.

On one occasion he masturbated over the schoolgirl’s diary.

Years later, when she was by then an adult, she reported him to the police.

When they asked her if she had any evidence she remembered her diary from more than a decade earlier.

And, despite the passage of time, scientists were able to detect Buckle’s semen between the pages and to establish a DNA profile that matched only his.

Buckle was told he would receive a “significant” jail term when he is sentenced on May 30.

Bail was immediately withdrawn and he was held in custody.

Judge Geraint Walters said he wanted a probation officer to prepare a report that would help him to determine if Buckle was a dangerous offender as defined by law, and a person who represented an on-going danger to young girls.

The woman had told the jury that she had kept the diary “as a girl would” and not with any thought of preserving evidence.

It was only years later that it became relevant.

And she had had no idea that scientists would be able to find Buckle’s semen after such a long passage of time.

Buckle told the jury all the allegations were lies.

He said the only way his semen could have got into her diary was by her putting it there to “set me up.”

Judge Walters said the inevitable outcome would be a “significant” jail sentence.