May 2017

Bransholme pervert Michael Fox caught with indecent images of children but escapes jail

A Bransholme man who was found with 20 indecent images of children has escaped jail.

Michael Fox, 28, was discovered by police with the images, eight of which were Category A – the most serious kind. Officers also found an “extreme” explicit pornographic picture which showed somebody having sex with an animal.

Fox, of Borthwick Close, pleaded guilty to making the indecent pictures, eight of which were category B and four of which were described as category C.

But at Hull Magistrates Court, Fox was spared jail and given a community order and a sexual harm prevention order, which also restricts his use of the internet.

Fox’s sexual harm prevention order lasts for five years and prevents him from having any device capable of accessing the internet unless:

  • It has the capacity to retain and display internet history

  • He makes it available upon request by a police officer

  • He notifies the police or risk management officer of the type, model and serial number of any device within three days of getting it

Fox is also banned from:

  • Deleting any internet history without notifying police

  • Using any internet service unless he makes the IP address available upon request

  • Possessing any device capable of storing digital images unless he makes it available upon request

  • Living in any house or semi-permanent residential structure when a child under 16 is living there, unless the child is in the presence of an officer aware of the conviction, Fox has written permission by social services to do so or a separate court order allows him to