Update – Now living in Wigan

April 2015

Man cautioned for leaving baby alone 

A father has been given a caution by police after he left his 5-week-old baby daughter for over six hours unattended in a car seat on the sofa in his house, whilst he went to work.

Apprentice mechanic Andrew Ferguson, 28, then living in Harrogate was arrested and charged with: ill treatment, neglect and child abandonment to cause unneccesary suffering and injury.

During police interview, it emerged that the mother of the child had been admitted to hospital, and Ferguson was left to look after the baby.

The mother was discharged from hospital that day and went home in the afternoon believing that Ferguson would be there with the baby.

To her shock, the baby was strapped into a car seat on the sofa, and there was no sign of Ferguson.

The baby had been clearly crying hysterically for a number of hours, and was very hungry and was suffering from dehydration

She called him and he told her that he had been at work since the morning and thought the baby would be fine by herself.

The mother rang the police and Ferguson was arrested. 

Ferguson received a police caution and was told that he must not have any unsupervised access to children.