February 2018: Now released

December 2016

Paedophile jailed after molesting young girl

A sexual predator has been jailed after he sexually abused a four year old girl

Long time unemployed 46-year-old Matthew David Halling,  of Keir Hardie Terrace, Swffryd appeared at Cardiff Crown Court, where he was convicted of:

  • Two counts of sexual assault against a child who was aged under 13

The court was told that Halling noticed two young children playing in a nearby garden. He enticed the youngsters into his house, where he sexually assaulted the four-year-old female child both physically and orally.

During this time, the mother of the children had realized her children were missing from her garden. She frantically looked for them.

The children appeared from Halling’s house about ten minutes later. 

The mother asked Halling why the children had been inside his house. He admitted allowing the children into his garden. He said it was because they wanted to play in his house and use his toilet.

After taking the children home, the mother became concerned that her daughter was being more quiet than usual.

The mother gently asked the little girl about what had taken place in Hallings house.

The girl told her mother that the man had ‘tickled her bits physically and orally and that he had also kissed her on the lips’. She said that he had told her to keep it a secret.

Police were then called.

Halling denied the allegations of sexual assault, but admitted in his statement that he had indeed taken the children out of their property and into his house.

During the investigation, the victims family had to have CCTV installed due to repeated damage to their vehicle, and threats of violence from Halling.

Shockingly, Halling was released on bail back to his house, which was in the same street as the victim.

Forensic evidence finally came back and showed that DNA from Hallings saliva and fingerprints matched those found in the little girl’s underwear.

Even with this undisputable evidence, Halling continued to deny the allegations against him.

However, he finally pleaded guilty on the 9th November 2016.

He was given conditional bail which meant that he was not allowed back to his house until after his sentencing.

The judge sentenced Halling to 28 months imprisonment and told him he must register as a sex offender for 10 years.

He was issued several other orders which included not having any unsupervised access to any child aged under 16 years old