April 2017

Young girl’s heartbreaking letter to mum revealing sex abuse leads to jail term for man

A pervert who sexually abused and raped a six-year-old girl over a three-year period has been sent to prison for six years.

Michael Lee, 20, sat in the dock in Swindon Crown Court yesterday as Recorder Robert Pawson passed sentence.

He was found guilty of four counts of assault by penetration following a trial in Swindon in February.

The court heard that Lee, of Helmsdale, abused a position of trust to molest the girl over a three year period, starting from when she was six and he was 15.

Lee’s crimes first came to light when the youngster wrote a heart-breaking letter to her mother describing what Lee had done to her.

Lee’s crimes came to light when the youngster came downstairs after bedtime a year ago with a heartbreaking letter for her mum.

She said a talk in assembly at her school about calling Childline if anyone touched you in a way they shouldn’t prompted her to tell.

Her letter, which had a picture of a crying face on it, explained that ‘Michael my old babysitter’ had touched her inappropriately.

“Please don’t have a go at me and please don’t call the police because I don’t want all the pressure of telling. I am so sorry for not telling. Please don’t have a go at me. I am so sorry,” she wrote.

The youngster told how under the cover of playing games Lee repeatedly touched her and placed his finger inside her.

Although she told her brother what had been happening he did not believe her and now says he is wracked with guilty about it.

When Lee was questioned he insisted he hardly ever had contact with the girl and minimised the amount of time he babysat for the children.

The youngster told how under the cover of playing games Lee repeatedly touched her and placed his finger inside her.

The court also heard that Lee had solicited indecent images over the internet from a girl he knew to be just 11-years-old.

Although the jury knew he had admitted a separate offence of contacting an 11-year-old girl online and asking her to send him naked images of herself, they weren’t told he had also pleaded guilty to other matters.

In October he caused her to watch a sexual act on three different days and when he was arrested was found to have indecent images of children.

“You are a bright young man and this case has got so many different facets of tragedy about it.”

After considering the massive impact Lee’s actions have had on the family, and the young girl telling her father she felt suicidal, the judge sentenced Lee to six years behind bars.